This web based portal is an initiative of Goldenview Media Education Pvt. Ltd. Through this website our endeavor is to provide the discerning viewer across the spectrum of the society customized solutions to their manifold requirements across all paradigms. This is therefore the ideal platform where multitudes of people across all spheres of the society may fulfill their needs just at the click of a mouse by browsing through the various facets of this portal. This portal aims to develop & create a stage which empowers individuals & corporations optimize their business models through our innovative E Commerce solutions.

The various facets of our portal are briefly outlined below:

Through this facet individuals can access information regarding their education needs. This facet provides information not only to aspirants seeking admissions to elite schools of learning but also for the boys & girls next door on the lookout for college admissions.

This is an employment portal. Individuals – right from freshmen & women entering the job market, to the senior professional – get relevant information to further their career aspirations. We strive to offer the “Perfect fit” -for employees & employers & vice versa.

This portal provides the ideal stage for individuals & enterprises to advertise their manifold goods to their respective “Target Groups”. End users can avail the desired products at their budgeted “Price Points “through their preferred manufacturer, distributor, dealer, wholeseller, retailer, etc.

This is a matrimonial portal. Men & women-irrespective of their social status-  can find their “Life Partner” by browsing through this facet & commence their romantic journey through life with their soul mate.

This portal provides relevant information to travelers, holidaying people, party goers & sundry others regarding hotel bookings, available rates, restaurant menus & related offerings.

This facet is dedicated to property-residential apartments, flats, land, homes, commercial properties; etc.Individuals can satiate their relentless quest to own a property at their budgeted price by browsing through this portal. Your “Dream Home” is just a click away!!!

This facet is solely dedicated for providing relevant information to individuals regarding health /sickness or related duress. People can find holistic solutions to their queries related to any illness or other maladies by browsing /clicking this portal. Individuals can access the best doctors, hospitals, nursing homes & allied medical support for addressing their health woes.

8. MY HOUSE: This facet is solely dedicated to facilitate individuals procure/purchase accessories – furnitures, showpieces, indoor décor items & every associated articles related to equipping/decoration their houses. Individuals on the lookout for the aforesaid articles may procure the same from the sellers at prices suitable to them. Conversely sellers may utilize this feature to advertise/promote their latest offerings to their Target Groups.

: This feature is a “One stop shop” for users in need of service/advice on managing their tax matters, investment decisions, legal issues & related subjects like vehicle legalities, property issues, etc. Advisors/service providers may utilize this feature to announce themselves & their services to the public.

This portal provides the ideal stage for service providers -individuals & enterprises- to announce their multifarious services to their respective “Target Groups”. Individual or groups can easily avail their desired service /contact the relevant service provider by clicking the mouse.

This is a platform where visitors can avail the latest news/information about the different entertainment options .Information regarding the latest movie releases, television serials, reviews, cinema halls/multiplex details,”Jatra” & other traditional modes of entertainment will be available to visitors at their convenience. Individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the field of entertainment /performing arts may also advertise their talents by uploading their video clips on this site.

This facet highlights the latest news of national & local importance to the visitors.


Company Name: Goldenview Media Education Pvt. Ltd.
Category of Company: Company limited by shares.
C.I.N. Number:U74900WB2015PTC204957
Registered Office: Kolkata, West Bengal
Service Tax Number:
Brands: odishaclick.com, mpclick.com, apclick.com, keralaclick.com,telenganaclick.com
Areas of Operations: Media, Education, Web Search Engines &Advertising on the Company’s website.

Company’s Activities:

  • Odiya Weekly Newspaper-Zindabad Express
  • Hindi Weekly Newspaper- Expose
  • Electronic Media Education-AIM
  • Web Search Engine with Advertisement Options –CONNECT

Our Branches: Bhubaneswar (Odisha), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh),
Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Hyderabad (Telengana),
Thiruvanathapuram (Kerala)

  • Our services are spread across the cities, towns, districts, blocks, villages & hamlets of the states.
  • User friendly, seamless, latest digital technology options.
  • Customer centric, creative, professional employees & management.
  • Our work ethic -“God is in the details”.


In today’s world life has become busy. People do not have the time or the energy for the effort to avail their basic necessities & other requirements for everyday life. Life indeed has thrown up its unique challenges for everybody to access their basic necessities right from shopping, availing medical services, ordering snacks, planning a vacation or even matrimony. Our vision is to integrate all these essential services with their end users right at their doorsteps seamlessly in a click of a mouse. Our vision may sound very simple, but it is vital in today’s context. Our vision is CONNECT.


Our mission is to provide everyone access to their necessities – right from shopping, medical care, travelling/holiday planning to solemnizing marriages- in a click of a mouse. We shall make people’s lives simpler by removing the difficulties & efforts associated in availing these necessities. We strive to achieve this by synergizing the energy& professional acumen of our hundreds & thousands of executives & representatives spread over scores of cities & towns, districts, blocks, villages & hamlets across the region with our state of the art digital technology. Our relentless pursuit for excellence coupled with the passion of our professional workforce shall attain our objectives.


  • Provide exemplary service 24 hours a day
  • Make the process of availing essential services less cumbersome/tiring.
  • Offer our services with dignity, courtesy & transparency.



  • LARGE DATABASE: The users of our portal shall reap the advantage of getting their relevant information gathered from a huge pool of data/information from our database. Our database  has millions of data of all categories – Careers,Jobs,Business,Swayamvar,Real Estate, Hotels & Restaurants, Doctors & Hospitals, My House, Consultancy & Services .Our database is rich in information/data of all categories traversing scores of cities,towns,districts,blocks,villages & hamlets in the region because of our aggressive & innovative branding /advertising initiatives across all the places mentioned above.
  • AUTHENTIC INFORMATION FROM DATABASE: The users of our portal shall get authentic  & relevant information for their queries .Our database is geared up to cater to the needs of the users of our database as it is rich in millions & millions of data which have been appropriately scrutinized, evaluated & procured not for free but at an appropriate price.
  • SEARCH TECHNOLOGY: Our innovative search engines enable the users of our portal to gain the necessary information/data which is relevant & useful to them in a format which is customized for them.
  • SECURITY & PRIVACY CONTROLS: We respect the privacy of our valued end users. We ensure privacy & secrecy to our end users. The identities of individuals using our portal to glean information & those using it as a platform to advertize are kept confidential.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Individuals using our portal to extract their relevant information & those using it as a stage to advertise themselves may communicate effectively over E Mail or Mobile Phones .Our portal is an effective interface between the end users & the service/product providers.
  • TELEPHONIC INFORMATION SERVICE: For individuals who are not conversant with computers & search engines – we provide a contact telephone number where the necessary information desired will be offered to people connecting to it.
  • S.M.S. INFORMATION SERVICE: End users & service providers & end users & goods producers are effectively connected through S.M.S. communication to both sides. This ensures quick & effective delivery of goods & services to the end users & business growth /increased revenues to the goods & service providers.





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Dear Visitor,
Welcome to our website.
Life for everyone – including us – has indeed become very hectic. Our professional commitments, business involvements & related engagements are so demanding that we have no time left for our personal necessities. Essential tasks -getting a doctor’s appointment, planning a holiday, ordering snacks to marriage negotiations –are still that much essential, but now seem cumbersome.
Our effort is to enable people across the entire spectrum of the society fulfill their manifold duties essential for everyday life with relative ease. By synergizing the energy, innovation & professionalism of our personnel with the millions of information in our database scrupulously gleaned & scrutinized across all spheres, we strive to provide all your queries in just a click of a mouse.
In our first edition we are rolling out our services to the states of Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana, Andhra Pradesh & Kerela.Our websites for these states are: www.odishaclick.com (for Odisha),www.mpclick.com(for Madhya Pradesh),www.apclick.com(for Andhra Pradesh),www.telenganaclick.com(for Telengana),www.kerelaclick.com(for Kerela).

We feel blessed when our visitors upon visiting our website are able avail their relevant objective through the information & features available through our portal without going through the hassles , stress & hindrances. We have the satisfaction of providing a little ease, that little succor to all your lives!!!
We look forward to interact with our visitors. We value & appreciate the views of everybody visiting our portal. We are receptive to everyone’s ideas. Do feel free to offer us your feedback through the link/address given at the end of this missive.
We hope that with your support & good wishes we shall be able to offer our services in all the states of our great country in the future.
Wish we very best of every thing!!
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